Veteran Broker Zwick Unveils Trends For Summer 2024 Hamptons Restaurant Marketplace

Hal Zwick, of Compass Real Estate, an experienced Manhattan advertising professional is also a seasoned Hamptons business owner.

Throughout his professional journey, he has not only demonstrated a profound understanding of the industry but has also successfully navigated the competitive landscape.

The aftermath of the pandemic has disrupted the normal functioning of businesses, and the restaurant industry is no exception.

In Southampton during the post-COVID-19 era, restaurateurs have faced numerous challenges, with staffing shortages and inflation being prominent issues.

“Restaurant owners have been hit on all ends,” Zwick explained when asked how the restaurant business is handling the changes in our new world. 

To stay ahead of the competition, Zwick has worked with his Hampton’s restaurant clientele to find a unique solution. He has assisted East End operators to overcome staffing shortages by providing housing for their employees.

Compass Real Estate was involved in helping restaurants procure older motels and houses to house their workers.

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