Our approach

The unique nature of the commercial marketplace on the East End make it both an “art and a science” based on:

The average length of a commercial negotiation is longer and more detailed than a residential transaction.

There is also a great amount of confidentiality – many business and/or building owners do not want their entities publicly marketed and most listings are not available on agent web sites or other traditional vehicles. Therefore, word of mouth information and networking achieved through decades of activity in commercial sales proves invaluable.

The last two years have also placed new challenges on the marketplace. The state of brick and mortar retail, the constricted seasonality, the reality of staffing and related housing issues all add to the complexity of the situation.

There is less emotion in a commercial sale and more detailed financial and regulatory analysis. Based upon all of the aforementioned, a skilled and full-time commercial professional is required to manage both the “art and the science” of commercial real estate on the East End.

The combination of Hal Zwick and Jeff Sztorc represent the best combination of knowledge, expertise, creative thinking, energy, integrity and most important persistence to overcome any obstacles to bring the most optimal deal to fruition.